§ 1

This Regulation defines terms and conditions of online legal advisory provided by Law Firm.

§ 2


Law Firm
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Agnieszka Gadomska with its registered office in Gdańsk.

Person who signed a Contract with Law Firm or who is going to sign such Contract.

Legal Advice or Legal Information
Any action made by a lawyer as a response for Client’s query, except information about Law Firm’s remuneration and contact data.

Contract concerning online legal advice service signed by and between Client and Law Firm.

Client’s consent or approval for terms and conditions of Contract. Acceptance may be given to Law Firm by any Client’s behavior (clear and explicit or implied intent).

Gross price that shall be paid by Client for a legal advice provided by Law Firm. Remuneration shall be confirmed by email send to Client and accepted by him.

§ 3

  1. This Regulation describes terms and conditions of online offers and tenders made by eventual Clients and answering by Law Firm.
  2. Online legal service shall be provided on terms and conditions defined in Contract.
  3. Giving an online offer or tender means acceptance of this Regulation. Regulation shall be an integral part of a Contract.
  4. All information published on the website of Law Firm shall be not interpreted as an offer under Article 66 or Article 661 of Polish Civil Code.

§ 4

  1. Online advisory services include following stages:
    1. Client send message with description of his case via email.
    2. Law Firm confirms receiving Client’s enquiry and send information about remuneration.
    3. Acceptance of Client. The Contract shall be binding from the moment of Acceptance.
    4. Law Firm undertakes to give a legal advice and send it to Client via email.
    5. Client undertakes to give all information necessary to solve a case and to pay Remuneration. Remuneration shall be paid on bank account indicated by Law Firm.
    6. Client is entitled to withdraw from the Contract until the Lawyer begin his work.
    7. If Client does not send information necessary to solve a case, Law Firm shall be entitled to refuse online advisory services even after signing a Contract. Thus shall not be treated as breach of Contract.

    § 5

    1. Law Firm shall not be responsible for giving legal advice based on unreliable information received from Client.
    2. Responsibility of Law Firm under provisions of Contract shall be excluded.
    3. Law Firm shall not be responsible for Client’s damages or losses being a result of legal advisory unless damages or losses arise from lack of due diligence.
    4. Law Firm is entitled to refuse performing a Contract because of technical reasons. Law Firm shall not be responsible for failure or breach of Contract caused by technical reasons or other circumstances for which Law Firm is not responsible.
    5. Law Firm shall not be responsible for damage or detriment arisen from actions or omissions of third parties.

    § 6

    1. Remuneration shall be paid by Client in accordance with Contract.
    2. Remuneration shall be determined individually.
    3. Client is entitled to get an invoice. Request for an invoice shall be notified in message sent to Law Firm via email under § 4.1 hereinabove before Acceptance.

    § 7

    1. Any incorrectness during performing a Contract shall be reported to Law Firm by means of distance communication, in particular by email.
    2. Abovementioned report shall be made immediately, no later than within 12 hours from sending an order to Law Firm.
    3. If Law Firm does not take a stance within 72 hours complaint shall be treated as rejected. Thus Client is entitled to file o court claim.

    § 8

    1. Delivering by a Client illegal contents shall be forbidden.
    2. Polish law shall be applied for any disputes arisen from Contract.
    3. All disputes shall be submitted for resolution to appropriate court in Gdańsk.
    4. This Regulation has been drawn up in two language versions – Polish and English. In the event of any discrepancies between the Polish and English language versions then the binding version shall be the Polish version.